Yard Waste Program

The City of Seymour and the Town of Brownstown offer curbside yard waste collection. Contact the respective city or town offices for more information on collection. Mutton Creek HMOA also provides a yard waste drop-off for their residents.


Brush pick up is available on Tuesdays, which would include tree limbs & shrub clippings. If there are any thorns in the clippings they need to be put in a separate pile.
At this time, we do not pickup grass clippings.

Source : http://explorebrownstown.com/lawn-waste

Brownstown Town Hall : 812-358-5500


Yard wastes include grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, garden waste, etc. Yard waste materials may be taken to the DPW facility located at 865 “F” Ave. East, in the Freeman Field Industrial Park. Small amounts of yard waste (less than a pick-up truck load) may be placed 2-3 feet away from the gray trash toter on the regular weekly trash pick-up day. Do not mix paper or trash materials with yard waste so that the yard waste materials can be ground into mulch and made available free to the public.  Grass clippings taken to the DPW facility must be placed in a dumpster marked for grass clippings. All bagged clippings must be removed from the bag and the bag placed in a trash container next to the dumpster marked for grass clippings.  Arrangements for the pick up of large quantities of yard waste (more than a pick-up truck load) may be made by calling the DPW office at 812-524-1100. An additional fee for large quantities of yard waste pick-up will be invoiced based upon time and equipment required.

Source : http://seymourcity.com/departments/public-works/

Seymour DPW : 812-524-1100